Overall Reflection

I have enjoyed this particular biochemistry class thoroughly. Mr. J.M teaching methods were very effective. 
The very first lecture he said “NO!!!!!. I’M NOT GIVING YOU THE SLIDE NOTES”…. And I thought this is gonna be toughhhh….and soooooo much work…urgh… on the contrary it helped making notes in your own hand writing … have you ever noticed that u tend to learn faster with your own writing rather that a typed copy or someone else’s writing.
His one of a kind teaching method enables his students to learn at their own pace… his podcast. Having the ability to sit and re-watch the podcast at my own time and own speed has contributed to me liking and understanding this course  material.
Then there was continuous assessment….talk about the added pressure both in tutorials and 95% of the time our Wednesday class. Some of the quiz questions in class were relatively easier while others made you think…though it was a pain…maybe I should not have said that…oh well I would leave it anyway, it kept us constantly at our toes… even to go so far as to say BIOCHEM took the majority of the study time during this semester. The excruciatingly nerve wrecking  tutorials… I would always remember this one incident… I was late for my second tutorial for biochem… who told me do that….(p.s. I didn’t  do it for spite.. I had a clash with another lecture…) Mr. J.M sent me on the board to answer a series of questions… I was soo nervous… I wasn’t thinking straight…when he asked the 4th question “how many chiral centers did the molecule he drew had?” …… my brain was kept repeating ‘ a chiral carbon has 4 completely different groups attached”… however for some reason… I failed to notice two hydrogens on the same carbon and got the question wrong…L .. from then onward…he never forgot my name ….. Every single tutorial I was called to answer a question…sigh……even though…. it was fun and entertaining competing against each other.
The blog… to me this was the most time consuming … on the bright side of things… it got me to review the topics I learnt in class at least twice, since I had to blog about it, and make my own notes, in addition to studying for the continuous assessments. Sooooo it was sort of fun and relevant,,,, The funniest was the blog competition….he is literally paying us to do it…lol!!
Now that the class and tutorials have come to an end.. its weird to say but I would miss this course and the teaching methods applied…

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