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An Adult Zebrafish

Danio rerio is a petite, fresh water fish commonly known as the zebrafish. The zebrafish gets its name from the stripes that run along the length of its body and fins and the adult fish is usually no more than 5cm long. This fish lives in rivers of northern India, Pakistan, northern Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan in South Asia.

The zebrafish is an idyllic model organism because of:

  • The petite size.

  • The short period of time required for reproduction.

  • The large number of offsprings.

  • Easy sustenance under laboratory conditions.

  • The translucence nature of the embryos.


The mutations that hamper the development of the embryo have been sequestered in the fish and will assist in interpreting the genetic control system in humans.


The Zebrafish Model Organism Database.” ZFIN. Accessed September 25, 2013zfin.org/.


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