Biochem crossword




1. A pocket or a cleft

2. Maximal velocity

3. Removal of water

4. S shaped curve

5. Covalent bond formed between the alpha amino group and the alpha carboxyl group

6. Smallest unit that is capable of performing life functions

7. Change in the optical rotation that occurs by epimerization

8. Two sugars that differ only in the configuration around one carbon atom

9. Common description of denaturation

10. Five membered ring

11. Each of two or more enzymes with identical function but different structure

12. Apoenzyme + cofactor

13. Has an aldehyde group

14. Reaction between a aldehyde and an alcohol

15. pH at which Amino acid would not move in an electric field

16. A substance that diminishes the velocity of an enzyme catalyzed reaction


1. Inactive protein part

3. Have the same number of atoms arranged differently in space

6. Hydrates of carbon whose main role is to provide energy

12. When the substrate itself serves as an effector

14. Reaction between a ketone and an alcohol

17. Highest arrangement of atoms that is in the intermediate structure between reactants and product

18. A non-protein compound necessary for the functioning of an enzyme.

19. Enzymes that are composed of more than one sub-units

20. Has a keto group

21. One of two stereoisomers of a cyclic saccharide that differs only in its configuration at the hemiacetal or hemiketal carbon

22. Six membered ring

23. The amount of energy that is needed to convert all the molecules in one mole of a reacting substance from a ground state to the transition state.

24. A monosaccharide sugar that contains four carbons

25. Michaelis constant

26. Biological catalyst that speed up a chemical reaction by providing an alternate pathway with a lower activation energy

27. Vo = Vmax / Km + [S]

28. A molecule or ion having separate positively and negatively charged groups

29. A molecule that cannot be synthesized by the body and is obtained from the diet

30. Dynamic Equilibrum

31. A covalent bond that joins a sugar molecule to another sugar

32. 1 / micrometer per minute



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